Not believing in things

I have this problem.  I don’t believe in a whole bunch of things that other people believe in.

Other people also think they have this problem but they usually seem to believe in something else to compensate.

Basically, whatever it is that you believe in I probably don’t believe in it.

Religion is an obvious example.  I don’t believe in it.

But I don’t believe in Atheism either.  I cannot support atheists because of this.

All the top ‘hot button’ issues I don’t believe in.  I don’t believe in abortion for instance but that’s not to say that I’m for or against it – I just don’t have beliefs about it.  I don’t believe in choice and I don’t believe in a right to life either.

In terms of gay marriage – I don’t believe in it, but I’m not against it because I don’t believe in gays and I’m not against people claiming to be gay because I don’t believe in the existence of heterosexuals either.

• I don’t believe in Morality

• I don’t believe in God

• I don’t believe in Liberalism

• I don’t believe in Conservatism

I just have this huge hole where my beliefs about these things should be.  I don’t even believe that I should believe in those things!

Fundamentally I don’t even believe I’m in social reality and on the face of it having a lack of belief that you’re in reality is a completely crazy thing to have.

Pretty much all I believe in is the physical world and general empirical beliefs.  That’s is.

I’ll try and think of some other things that I’m lacking belief in and update this extremely bloglike post.

Oh yeah, anything other than a biological definition of gender – I don’t believe in that.

I feel like I have to balance out any lack of belief that is seen as conservative with one that is seen as liberal.  So I’ll have to come back with a more liberal seeming lack of belief.

Oh, money!  I don’t believe in money!



13 thoughts on “Not believing in things

  1. Unfortunately, I have a sad thing for you to say… If you do not believe in god, then you are an atheist, because one definition of (some call that “weak”) atheism is simply “does not believe in god / any gods”. But of course you can refuse to belief in that definition. Obviously, it’s not that important what other people believe about you anyway.

    • Thanks, maybe it would be more accurate to say that I don’t believe in the whole atheism movement ‘thing’. Or, I don’t structure any other beliefs around a lack of belief in Gods. I tend to think that atheism is represented as not believing in the Judeo-christian God and being liberal. Moreover, there are a whole lot of religions that people in western society are ‘atheist’ towards that they don’t care they’re atheist towards those gods because they don’t have cultural significance.

  2. Not in Reality, please define “belief”. If you have enough confidence to cross a bridge, would you say that you believe the bridge to be sound? If you like pizza, would you say that you believe that pizza is tasty?

  3. Not believing in things isn’t necessarily a problem, but why don’t you believe in them. Your reasoning will lead you to what you do believe in, and your reasons for believing are what are important.
    Also, biology doesn’t really have anything to say about gender. It talks about sex. And I agree with Franklin: please define what you mean by belief. I highly doubt anybody is capable of having no beliefs.

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