The mystery of Dr Ken Fabian

Ah, Dr Kenneth J Fabian M.D – Where are you?

I’m putting this here as kind of a bookmark that I can edit later. Basically the story is as follows:

Following my discovery of the psycho-sexual environment I happened across the website of Dr Ken Fabian who had developed what he called A Feeling-Based Theory of Autism. it was a geocities site and such sites were later automatically resurrected so you can see it here:

Such 90’s web stylings!

There was also a blog:

When I discovered this stuff I was stunned. Here was someone who seemed to know what was going on, have a theory about it and be preaching it! Yet no one seemed to be listening. There’s nothing I love more than a lone voice of truth in the wilderness. Anyway, I had an ultimately frustrating email exchange with him and found out some more information. Then I lost contact with him and he also seemed to stop posting on the internet so I presumed that he actually died.

But I am left with many questions. The main one being “How can someone who effectively has the answer not have anyone listen to that answer?” I mean I understand how difficult it is to get people interested in reading my book for instance but wouldn’t parents of kids with autism be desperate enough to try anything?

The only reason I can come up with for the lack of interest in his theories is that it come up against the deep nature of reality and his method gives us a glimpse that we’re not in reality – that glimpse being more information than most people can cope with.

First edit:  We’re talking about a successful technique here.  One that can cure autism!  Who would care about something like that?

Of course the first reaction that someone might have about it is that it surely can’t be true.  I assure you it is true.  However the only independent confirmation on the internet that I can offer is this:

Oh yeah and he is/was a real medical doctor:

And here’s a medical paper he wrote:

Second edit:  Oh yes, The web archive has some interesting things.

On his website: it seems he was attempting to recruit children with Autism to work on at the time he ‘disappeared’.

One more for the road:

God damn you can find a lot of information on the internet!

I may as well also chuck this on there.  I tell you it’s shocking the amount of information you can freely find on the internet about people once you start looking.


14 thoughts on “The mystery of Dr Ken Fabian

  1. Right? I’m living proof he’s not a total quack… But his research really hasn’t been accepted by the psychiatric community. One or two sessions, no drugs- not a moneymaker vs years of therapy and countless pills. Go figure.

      • As far as i know he is. My mother is in contact with him so I’m sure i would have heard if he wasn’t 🙂

      • Ok, but why would he have gone completely off the internet after having quite a massive web presence? He was coding HTML like a pro back in the day! Now not so much as a facebook from what I can tell.

      • That cached GeoCities site was originally private and really hard to find without the url, which included the word ‘sprang’. If you Google sprang you’ll find a functional art form, rarely practiced, most often done solo. My guess is that he simply wants to retire in peace.

      • Well, he was already retired when he set up about three different sites trying to solve the puzzle of Autism and putting forth his own theories about it. But I don’t want to argue about it, I’m just glad to hear he is still alive and well.

  2. Ken mentored me while I was a counselor in North Eastern New Mexico. He taught me all about DSA. I’ve used his material and concepts, which have been invaluable through my career. I would like to put his material out by writing about his theory of DSA. I would like his permission to do so. If anyone knows his whereabouts it would be greatly appreciated. Maybe the whereabouts of his colleague F. Edelhofer would be a good starting point.

  3. Absolutely Dr. Ken Fabian was one of a kind. Down to earth! He was unique and a genius. I incorporate a lot of his teachings in the work I do. Dario Silva, please do write a book about what you learned. (If you need a Publishing Coach, contact me at, I know someone!) I would love to learn more about the technique (which was taught to me) , but never trained further on it. I still use the technique in my business. When I last had contact with him; through a lot of tracking, he did state he wanted to enjoy his retirement, family and more.

  4. I’m still looking for Dr. Fabian. Anyone have any idea about how I can contact him. Mostly I would just like to give him thanks for his sharing his work with me and helping me get in touch with my deep affect.
    Dario Silva

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