Richard Dawkins is religious

How Richard Dawkins is religious.

Very simply because Richard Dawkins says that he is religious. He says that he’s a “Cultural Christian” and a “Cultural Anglican”. Now to say that he’s religious in this context isn’t quite the same thing as to say that he believes in God or any external supernatural entity like that. Indeed he does not. Infact, he believes in a much stranger state of affairs than that.
Consider the difference between a ‘cultural’ christian and a ‘normal’ christian the difference is that the normal christian believe in a supernatural and metaphysical cause and interaction with his/her christianity.
Specifically the typical christian believes that by virtue of their belief and actions certain metaphysical events occur within the supernatural realm.

Now the interesting thing is that Richard Dawkins would say that none of those events actually occur and that the christianity is infact cultural. The only difference between his christianity and that of regular christianity is that the practitioners of regular christianity are apparently deceived as to the causes and effects of their christian beliefs.

Richard Dawkins is saying in effect that his is a more correct version of christianity by rejecting the supernatural notions. Lots of denominations claim that theirs is the one correct interpretation.

The difference between Richard Dawkins’s system and the normal christianity is that under the actions of the metaphysical christian are created in response to the supposed supernatural situation. What Richard Dawkins is saying is that there is no supernatural situation but he’s going to press of regardless with that belief system.

It would be like if you had the Aztecs who were sacrificing people by ripping their still beating hearts out stop believing that it was keeping the universe going but kept doing it regardless!
It would be like if Japanese suicide pilots in WWII stopped believing that the emperor was divine but kept on flying out to crash into the US ships regardless.

To Recap

Richard Dawkins – Cultural christian. In his view all christians are really just cultural christians. (There can be no supernatural cause for christianity) Therefore he believes he is the only metaphysically correct christian.


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